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March 5, 2018 Kitchen Ideas

The Steps of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing kitchen cabinets could take several steps. It won’t be easy but it will make your kitchen cabinets looks brand new. And there won’t be another exciting feeling then to see it shining. The refinishing that you’ve done surely will make your kitchen, not just the cabinets, alive again. And you will see at the end that all the efforts that you’ve done will dazzled also put a smile, not just into your face, but to all the family and friends who usually gathered there. so, the step to refinishing kitchen cabinets will begin with the prep of tools that will be used, such as scrappers, screw drivers, hammer, rags, sponges, sanding blocks, and so on.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Cost


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Besides the tools you also going to need newspaper or any other material that could adjacent surfaces. Also you are going to need the paint brush. After that you should empty your cabinet and remove them. This way you could pick all the stuff that you need and get rid off the things that you don’t nedd. So, when the refinishing kitchen cabinets are finish you will also had a neater stuff on the inside of the cabinets. After that you will start to remove the cabinet doors and shelves. This part is quite easy to handle with all the tools that you had. But remember to label all of it so when you are trying to install it again it won’t puzzling you.

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The next steps would be clean the cabinets thoroughly. Wipe the wood with damp cloth so the dust will be removed and let it dry. Then if you aren’t planning to change the cabinets hardware you should also clean it by soak it into a soapy water for thirty minutes. Afterwards brush it gently and let it dry. And then before you try to paint the cabinets don’t forget the prime it first to get the finest result. I guess that is the steps that you need for refinishing kitchen cabinets.

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